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Paradise Found Villa is located at the at the end of the prestigious Peterborg Peninsula, just 2 tenths of a mile from Picara Point. A truly unique and awe inspiring location with the ocean on 3 sides!

If you are arriving on the Island after dark, it might be a good idea to have a taxi bring you out and then have a car delivered to you the next day. Some of the car rental services will do this at no charge. Several of our guests have used Discount Car Rental & Paradise Rental Car and have been very happy.

However, getting to the Villa isn’t terribly difficult, just not as easy after dark. Enter “Picara Point” into your navigator and hit “route”. We are extremely fortunate that phone navigators will typically direct you right to us. This is because Picara Point is on Google Earth as a point of interest. In General, navigators don’t work very well on the island unless you are very specific. For example, you cannot type in Cost U Less and have your navigator get you there. However, if you enter the roads name, you can get close enough to find what you are looking for more often than not.

Driving directions to Paradise Found Villa from the airport: 8 miles to the Villa
Follow the Airport Road to exit the airport and turn right at the signal light.

Airport Drive
Turn right here

Continue on Airport Road, which turns into Veteran’s Dr. Stay in the right lane, as the left lane eventually will be a turn only lane at Vender’s Plaza (blue kiosks on the left).

Vender's Plaza, keep going
Vender’s Plaza, keep going

Your navigator may try to have you make a left on Nye Gade. Do not do this. Instead, continue on Veterans Dr until you reach Hospital Gade and turn left there. It’s easy to spot because of the parking lot full of police cars on one corner and an official building on the other.

Hospital Gade, turn left here
Hospital Gade, turn left here

Hospital Gade is a tiny little street taking you toward to hills. You will see a park on the left about a block up. Pass through the light and turn left at the stop sign.

Maude Proudfoot Dr, turn left
Maude Proudfoot Dr, turn left

This is Maude Proudfoot Dr (route 35), which takes you up the hill. This is a very steep and windy road that turns into Mafolie Rd. Just keep following it until it dead ends at Megan’s Bay Rd.

Megan's Bay Rd, turn right, down the hill
Megan’s Bay Rd, turn right, down the hill

At the T turn Right onto Megan’s Bay Road (route 35). Stay on this road. You will see several opportunities to turn right off this road. DO NOT DO THIS. Stay on Megan’s Bay road until you see the Red St Thomas Dairies sign on the right.

St Thomas Dairies
St Thomas Dairies, hairpin turn down the hill

Here you will make a sharp hairpin turn down the hill. This is the road that leads to Megan’s Bay Beach.

Now, time to go SLOW. You will be turning right onto Peterborg Rd. It’s your first right. You will see a light pole to the left and the road is directly opposite the pole.

Peterborg Rd, the first right
Peterborg Rd, the first right

You are now exactly 2.2 miles from the Villa.

Continue on Peterborg, which curves along the Bay (the bay will be on your left eventually). Stay on this road until you get to D’Antilles. Keep left onto D’Antilles.

D'Antillies, keep left here
D’Antillies, keep left here

You are now exactly .9 miles from the Villa. You will come to a hill with 2 yellow speed bumps, at the top of the hill there is an option to go right or left. Do not. Just continue straight along the ocean side of the point.

The Atlantic side, continue along the coastline
The Atlantic side, continue along the coastline

Continue until you see a large round planter in the middle of what looks like a round-a-bout, but it isn’t. Here you have the option to go, right, left or straight. Go straight past the planter and continue on.

Round Planter, go straight past
Round Planter, go straight past

You will know you went the right way when you see the rock mongoose on the left.

Rock Mongoose!
Rock Mongoose!

When you see Casa Jo Mama on the left, you are nearly to the Villa.

Casa JoMama, nearly there!
Casa Jo Mama, nearly there!

As you pass Casa JoMama, you will crest a small hill and as soon as you start to go down, you will see Paradise Found Villa on the left at the bottom of the hill.

from the hill 002
As seen as you crest the last hill

Welcome to Paradise Found!


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