The Grounds

Paradise Found Villa has a wide array of places to relax and take in the glorious beauty of nature at it’s best. The front courtyard is fabulous for evening star gazing with the wonderfully cool breeze of the Atlantic caressing your face.

The 1500 square foot lower deck next to the pool with it’s gentle breeze off the bay, peaceful lapping of the cove and spectacular lights from the hillside across is an evening experience not to be missed. By day or by night this is your own private paradise with the aquarium waters and array of wildlife.

The relaxation tier above our very own Pelican Cove and rocky beach is simply superb by day or night.

The upper and lower verandas offer an unsurpassed view of the aquatic life in the lovely azure waters below.

With 9 amazing and uniquely different places to relax and enjoy the beauty, Paradise Found Villa is, quite simply, Paradise.




Come and share our little piece of Paradise!

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