Directions to the Nearest Grocery Stores

There are several grocery stores on the island, but the Cost U Less is not only the closest large store, they also have some of the best prices. They are similar to a Costco, but smaller. You can even purchase snorkels, and beach equipment, etc. All these maps are in km In miles, the Cost U Less is 5.3 miles from the Villa and takes about 15 minutes to get there. The farthest listed here is the Plaza Extra and it is 5.9 miles.

Directions to the Cost U Less From the Villa:

  • Head back down the peninsula on D’Antilles toward Magen’s Bay Beach.
  • Make a slight right at the end of D’Antilles onto Peterborg Rd.
  • Follow Peterborg to the end, where the dumpsters are.
  • Make a left onto Magen’s Bay Rd (Rt 35) going UP the hill.
  • Follow 35 as it curves right at the top of the hill and pass Rt 42.
  • Continue UP the hill until you see Rt 394, which is right where 35 turns right along the other side of the Bay. Make a sharp left UPHILL onto 394.
  • Continue on 394 until it ends. ABC Nursery will be on your right. Turn right UP the hill.
  • At the Stop sign turn right, then make a quick left DOWN the hill.
  • As you get close to the bottom of the hill you will see Home Depot on your right.
  • Turn right onto the road the runs in front of Home Depot.
  • Pass Home Depot. You will see Cost U Less in front of you in the distance to the left.

 The PriceSmart just a few miles down the hill is a membership store even more like a Costco and has some great prices, particularly on their salmon, which is delicious! The membership fee is only $15 and well worth it!

Just around the corner from the PriceSmart is the TuTu Park Shopping Mall, where you will find a Kmart ans well as many other stores like Radio Shack, Footlocker, etc. At the far end of that mall is the 3rd closest grocery store, The Plaza Extra, and the best one for buying non bulk items or specialty items you might not find in the big box stores.


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